Why use a Kitchen and Bath Designer?

Home Improvement and Remodeling Magazine published in May 2009...

One common question asked by homeowners is “Why do we need to use a kitchen and bath designer?” The answer is a kitchen and bath designer has the experience to save you time, money and the frustration that can come with a remodel or new construction project.

Today’s homeowners have done research and are more aware of their options. Kitchens and Baths by Louise A. Gilmartin is an experienced design firm that recognizes this effort and listens to your ideas and wishes. A kitchen and bath designer is aware that the many options and products available can quickly become overwhelming. By keeping track of the changing styles, trends and quality available, the designer brings your options to a manageable level.

Louise Gilmartin has been a business owner and contractor in this industry since 1978, giving Kitchens and Baths the years of expertise to provide you with the finished look and functionality you want to achieve today. Whether you desire a kitchen, bath, custom closet or any custom cabinetry, here’s what you can expect from Kitchens and Baths: consultation, expert project design and management, bids to provide the best value/price combination for you, and licensed subcontractors to ensure all phases of your project are completed with time frames and budgets. You will not suffer common do-it-yourself worries -- Missing parts, improper measurements or unavailable tools.

The end result will be your new kitchen, bath, cabinetry or custom closet with the look you love, the functionality you want and deserve, on time and within the established budget. Kitchens and baths by louise A. Gilmartin is pleased to use local licensed subcontractors, dealers and material suppliers.

Reasons why you need to use a Kitchen and Bath designer...

  1. They help to uncover your true style and establish a personalized design plan.
  2. They help you to visualize the potential of your space.
  3. They know where to find the best products and the best prices.
  4. They can help select the perfect paint color the first time around.
  5. They establish the proper scale of your furnishings, artwork, and accessories for your style and space.
  6. They advise you on when to spend money for good quality and when you can save a little because top quality isn’t necessary.
  7. They can interact with your contractor from the start of a project to ensure good design and suggest creative enhancements that will add interest and value to your home.
  8. They know how to add those special finishing touches that really complete the room.
  9. They spare you the frustration of making decisions and help you avoid costly aesthetic mistakes.
  10. They save you time and money, giving you the space you desire at a price less than you would pay if you did it yourself.
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